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She was against Kouga's interference and intends to beat him to the punch. Once inside, as Kurusu reveals his original form before assuming his Horror form, Kouga dons the Garo armor and destroys Kurusu with ease. However, Kouga arrives and reveals the "baby" to be a Horror that Zaruba identifies as the cannibalistic Apostle Horror Babel. Later at night, Kouga traveled around the city, using his instincts to guide him. The three are joined by Akaza, who wishes to redeem himself. Karma possesses another mirror and Shion carries her away with Rekka in pursuit while Kurusu fights Kouga. Without Garo, Kouga had to keep fighting and prevented Rekka from getting killed. Red Requiem" - Nippon Cinema".

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  • Garo: Red Requiem (牙狼〈GARO〉 ~RED REQUIEM~) is a Japanese 3-D film directed by Keita Amemiya, produced by Tohokushinsha Film, and based. Directed by Keita Amemiya.

    images garo red requiem

    With Miyavi Matsunoi, Kanji Tsuda, Akira Nakao, Hironobu Kageyama. A knight in a suit of golden armor battles with a magical beast.

    images garo red requiem

    GARO: Red Requiem is a Japanese 3-D film directed by Keita Amemiya, produced by Tohokushinsha Film, and based their tokusatsu series GARO.
    As soon as Kouga made contact, Zaruba finally sensed a very powerful evil presence; Kouga found the barrier talisman and destroyed it. Rekka decided to stay with Shiguto to keep him company.

    An alternative was to use the Demon Sword of Rubis a blade made with Horror fangs. Contents [ show ]. After the Makai Priests seal the building so the Horrors' evil aura would not spill outside, Kouga and the others search for Karma while dealing with numerous phantoms created from her many victims.

    Rekka mourned for Akaza and Kouga reminded her that his sacrifice saved many lives. Kouga removes one of the charms creating it and Rekka arrives.

    images garo red requiem
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    No one ever entered Karma's mirror and made it out alive, including Rekka's dad.

    Kouga tricks it into hitting wall and the demon gets stuck. It is the first full length feature film in the franchise and features the debut of the Makai Preistess Rekka, Makai Priest Shiguto and the Gouryu.

    She was against Kouga's interference and intends to beat him to the punch. As with the television series, JAM Project will be performing the film's theme song, which is a rearrangement of the original song they performed for the series: Rekka also trailed Kouga and questioned who betrayed them as the talisman is clearly the work of a Makai Priest.

    images garo red requiem

    Akaza comforts the crying baby, only for Kouga to show up and tell them to hand over the child.

    Garo: Red Requiem is a film directed by Keita Amemiya.

    It is the first full length feature film in the franchise and features the debut of the Makai Preistess.

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    Movie: Garo: Red Requiem; Romaji: Garo: Red Requiem; Japanese: 牙狼 ~RED Based on the TV Tokyo series "Garo" (October 7, March 31, ). In the ancient war against the monstrous creatures known as Horrors, many Makai Priestesses have fought and died in battle, yet no woman has ever been.
    On their way back to their territory, thinking up a name for the young Makai Dragon, Zaruba decides to call it " Kaoru ", much to Kouga's annoyance.

    Karma laughs at this, as no Makai Knight has ever pointed a blade at her and survived. Zaruba tries to state the fact that Horrors became too powerful for Priests to handle, thus necessitating the creation of the Makai Knights.

    List of characters Horrors Realm of Garo. Red Requiem" - Nippon Cinema".

    images garo red requiem
    Unnerved, the woman runs as fast as she can to flee from the stranger into a parking lot where she is cornered by another man wearing goggles and the one from before.

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    Rekka enters the dance room and Shion lures her to where Karma is with Kouga trying to get past the crowd to reach Rekka. After the battle, Rekka forces Akaza to admit he betrayed them as Kouga tries to stop her from killing him. When Kouga attempts to don his armor, Shion pointed the mirror at him as Karma sucks the Garo armor into her dimension.

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    Kouga Saezima travels to a city from his childhood after receiving orders to hunt down the Horror Karma, an ancient female Horror who is one of the infamous.

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    Retrieved from " http: In the city, a woman is walking home and sees a red dress in a shop window.

    Akaza was watching the battle from outside the mirror and used his magic to deliver Rekka's flute and told her to play it to summon the spirits of the fallen Makai Knights. Shiguto deploys a Gouryu to deal with the Horror, controlling it with his brush and trying to exterminate the Horror with the Gouryu's firepower, but she easily knocks it a way with a powerful kick.

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    The two get cornered and are almost eaten as the Horror leapt towards them, only to be kicked back by a female priestess with powerful magic and falling down on top of a car.

    images garo red requiem
    Garo red requiem
    Contents [ show ].

    Akaza says the only way to enter is if the person commits suicide or dies, the only way to enter it alive is with the Demon Sword of Rubis to open a portal with the blade, as it is made from a Horror's fangs. She was against Kouga's interference and intends to beat him to the punch. Irritated, Rekka goes to the dojo inside the shop to train.

    With more unanswered questions, the two entered the club.

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    1. The two then fought Kurusu and managed to use the Demon Sword of Rubis to open a gateway into Karma's realm; all three entered the gateway for a final battle. Kouga and the others observe and Kouga critiques her style as it lacks defensive stances.